Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I back wash my filter?
The filter should be back washed once per week.

How often should my filter sand be replaced?
Dirty or damaged sand will increase the pressure in the filter which can cause the filter to crack. Cracked filters cannot be repaired. Dirty or damaged sand or a blocked bleeder pipe can cause back pressure which can cause damage to the pump.
Filter sand should be replaced every two years.

I have a mudslide in my pool. What should I do?
A flocculent will have to be added so that the debris can settle on the floor. The debris will then have to be vacuumed out by hand on waste.

My pool is losing water, what could be the cause?

Increased water temperature caused by natural heating, solar heating or a heat pump.

Excessive wind conditions.

A leak on underground and/or above ground pipes and/or connections.

A leak on the pump.

A leak on the pool itself.

Always make sure that water is not escaping through the back wash line while the multiport valve is on the filter setting.

If this is the case, then the wagon wheel gasket and or multiport top must be replaced. In some cases the complete multiport valve will have to be replaced.

Please do the following test to establish whether the leak is on underground pipes or on the pool itself.

Test 1:
Run the pump for 8 hours and measure what the water loss was during this time.

Test 2:
Leave the pump off for 8 hours and measure the water loss Conclusion.

If the water loss was more with the first test, then the chances are good that the leak is on an underground pipe.
Our technicians are leak experts, so please contact us for further

Why does the water in the pump section of the motor go down when the pool cleaner is connected?
This is an indication of a possible fault on the suction line and or pump, please contact us for further assistance.

Why is my automatic pool cleaner not sucking well?

There may be too much debris on the floor which causes the filter sand to block up and these causes reduce suction strength which in turn will have a negative influence on the efficiency pool cleaner.

The skimmer and/or pump baskets might be full or blocked.

Dirty or worn filter sand will cause a reduction in suction strength.

A hole or air leak on the suction line between the pump and filter can cause a reduction in suction strength.

A faulty pump can cause a reduction in the suction strength.

A blockage in the pool cleaner and/or pool cleaner pipes.

A hole in one or more of the cleaner’s pipes.

A mechanical or other problem on the pool cleaner head.

A faulty weir valve.

A broken skimmer vacuum lid.

If you have solar panels, then it could be that your pump is not large enough.

Why is my circuit breaker on my pool DB tripping?
This could be due to a faulty pump and/or pump capacitor.
A faulty chlorinator can do this or the actual circuit breaker might be faulty.

Why is my Fiberglass pool stained?
Brown stains in Fiberglass pools are normally caused by metals that are present in the water.
Please bring us a sample of the pool water water so we can determine the the correct treatment.

Why is my filter lid leaking?

There might be a crack in the filter underneath the lid.

The filter lid and/or O-ring might be worn down.

Increased pressure due to dirty or damaged filter sand can cause the filter to leak.

Why is my pool cloudy?
There are a number of reasons that can cause your pool water to turn cloudy:

You could possibly be observing early algae growth.  

Your pool’s water chemistry could also be the cause of cloudiness. 

Poor filtration is another cause of cloudy pools, the pump needs to run between 8 to 10 hours daily.

The filter sand might also be dirty.

Why is my pool green?
As a pool is basically a body of still water, it can easily become contaminated by things such as dirt carried by bathers, hair dislodged from the body, and dirt and leaves blown into the pool.  If the water is left unchanged or untreated for a period of time, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms are allowed to develop.
These organisms can cause health problems as they multiply at a tremendous rate.  Once growth starts, one algae spore can turn into ten million within hours.

Please bring a water sample to one of our stores so that we can prescribe the correct treatment.

Why is my pump making a humming noise?
It could be caused by a faulty capacitor and/or the pump has seized up and the shaft can no longer turn.

Why is my pump noisy?
There are usually a few reasons:

The bearings might be old or damaged.

There could be a stone or other debris in the impellor.

The pump might be cavitating due to air in the system.

Why is the water standing still in the pump section when the motor is on?
This could be due to a blockage in the system or a problem with the pump, please contact us for further assistance.

Why is there air in the system?

There could be air in the system following the opening of the pump to clean the basket. If this is the case, then the pump needs to be manually filled with water until all the air has been removed from the system.

A damaged pump lid O-ring and/or faulty pump lid can be the cause of air in the system.

A fault on the suction line between the skimmer box and the pump will draw air into the system.

A faulty mechanical seal on a pump will pull in air.

Please contact us for further assistance.

Why is water leaking from my backwash pipe when the multiport valve is on the “filter” mode?
The wagon wheel gasket and/or multiport top on your filter are probably faulty and might have to be replaced.
It is also possible that the bottom casing of the multiport valve might be damaged in which case the bottom casing will also have to be replaced.
Please contact us for further assistance.